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Quote & Contract

This is where we first get in touch. In brief, you send us the project details, and we quote for the joB

If it gets approved, we will sign a contract and then get started right away.

To be more specific, in this stage, we review the input data, study your requirements, ask and answer questions, finally reach an agreement on the price, timeline, and terms of the contract, and move forward to the next stage.

Concept development

We come up with a theme that fits the brand we are developing, In this case "High Fashion"concept, We were allowed to be creative and really play around with the concept to develop a unique project.

altura references.jpg

3D Modeling Stage

we create/source 3D models as per your CAD drawings and references or tweak your SketchUp/Archicad/Revit model to make it ready for photo-realistic rendering. We also set the cameras as per your view angle instructions.

PPS: In this stage, we focus on finalizing the 3D model and camera angles only. The lighting and texture will be very basic as you can see in the example image above.

BUILDING modelling.jpg

Environment Modelling

It is essential to see a development within context, This allows for more practical design work and more realistic images that will eventually build trust with the buyer when they are able to identify a location through the marketing content. This connection elevates the project further.

Rendering & Post-production

We start producing preliminery images with texture and lighting and minimal detail as we finalise on the scenes.

At this stage we will review lighting, finishes, camera angles, etc.

Test 1.jpg
Altura Renders  (1).jpg

Final High-res Image

We combined rendering and post-production into one stage. This means once you confirm the 3D modeling drafts, the next draft images you receive will have FULL details – realistic lighting, texture & materials, people, cars, landscape, etc – you can comment on all of them at this stage.

We often spend 2-3 rounds of feedback before the images are ready for final high-resolution output. Once everything is good, you will be asked to sign off the draft images.

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